What is computer? Computer hardware and it’s types

What is computer?

Computer is an electronic gadget which acknowledges information as its info, measure it by doing some sort of control and changing over the information into data. in others words we can say computer is a fast electronic computerized information handling machine.

A PC is a machine or gadget that performs cycles, computations and tasks dependent on guidelines gave by a product or equipment program. It can acknowledge information (input), measure it, and afterward produce yields.

Computer Hardware and it’s types

Hardware are the part of computer which we can touch. Computer equipment incorporates the physical pieces of a PC, for example, CPU, screen, mouse, console, PC information stockpiling, illustrations card, sound card, speakers and motherboard.

9 Examples of Computer Hardware

  1. CPU: CPU stand for ‘Central Processing Unit’. The CPU is the main component of a computer that process all the instructions. It runs the working framework and applications, continually getting contribution form client or dynamic programming programs. CPU process the raw data and produce output which may stored by computer application and displayed on the screen.
  2. Motherboard: motherboard is the main circuit board of our computer and also known as the main board. Motherboard is a computer’s central communication spine connectivity point. Through which all components are connect.
  3. RAM: RAM stands for ‘Random Access Memory’. RAM is the internal memory of the computer for storing information, program and their results. RAM is volatile memory. stored data is lost when we switch off or power off without saving these data.
  4. HDD: HDD stands for ‘Hard Disk Drive’. HDD is a non-volatile storage device. HDD is also known as secondary storage device which is used to store data permanently. HDD is also known as Hard Drive. It attached directly to the disk controller of the computer motherboard.
  5. SSD: SSD stands for ‘Solid State Drive’. SSD is storage medium it use non-volatile memory to hold and access data. SSD support reading and writing data and manage the store data permanent without power.
  6. Monitor: Monitor is a computer hardware device which can display the video and graphics information which is generated by user. There are two type of monitor one is (CRT) Cathode Ray Tubes and another is (LCC) Liquid Crystal Display.
  7. Keyboard: Keyboard is hardware device used to input characters, text and other commands into a computer. Using keyboard user can type a documents. Keyboard is main device used to enter text or commands. It typically contains keys for individual number, letters and special characters as well as specific functions.
  8. Printer: Printer is a peripheral device of computer which known as output device that can prints paper documents (i.e. text document, images or combination of both). There are various type of printer for example: Impact Printers, Character Printer, Dot Matrix Printer, Laser Printer, Non-Impact Printers and Ink-Jet Printer
  9. Mouse: Mouse is a hardware input device used by user hand which can controls the movement of the cursor on computer screen then allows to users select and move text, files folders and icons on a computer.

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