Visual Programming Sample Question

Here we have tried to collect all the sample (model) question papers of Visual Programming (VP). These question papers are not collected for any commercial purpose but only for educational purposes. The one who needs the question paper can use all the old question papers from this website for free. If anybody has a question paper which is not included in this website, they can contact us. We will publish it on our website for free use.

Sample Question of Visual Programming are given below:

1. Why namespace is required in C#? Write a C# program that will read a name from the keyboard and display it on the scree. The program should throw an exception when length of name in more then 25 characters.

2. What are the types of delegate? Explain each with an example.

3. What is synchronization? List different techniques to handle synchronization in multi threading and explain at least one technique with example.

4. What is binary serialization? Write C# program to save student record (such as sno, name, address and phone number) info file student.txt using serialization and display it.

5. differentiate connected architecture of ADO. NET from disconnected architecture of ADO.NET. Provided that a mssql database name “Company” with table named “Product” with following columns (ProductId as int, ProductName as varcher( 20), UnitPrice as float, ManufactureDate as DataTime). Write a C# program to connect to the database and display product records that have UnitPrice is greater than RS. 1000 and update the product record (such as UnitPrice=4500) from product database whose PriductId=50.

6. Write short note on following


b. Switch statement

c. TPL

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