TU Affiliated College in Morang with College Code

In Morang district there are many college which got affiliation through Tribhuvan University (TU).

S. NoCollege NameCode NumberDistrict
1Urlabari Campus, Urlabari Morang215Morang
2UNIV College Biratnagar, Morang791Morang
3Sukuna Multiple Campus, Indrapur Morang214Morang
4Sauntha Campus, Sauntha Morang843Morang
5Ramailo Campus, Bayarban, ramailo Morang213Morang
6Pathari Multiple Campus, Pathari Morang627Morang
7Nepal Darshan College, Urlabari Morang899Morang
8Morang Model Campus, Urlabari Morang896Morang
9Maryland College, Rangeli road, Biratnagar396Morang
10Mahendra Morang Adarsh Multiple Campus, Biratnagar 3Morang
11Letang Campus, Letang Morang626Morang
12Koshi Campus, Biratnagar Morang227Morang
13Kahdam Campus, Kerabari Morang1056Morang
14Kanya Campus, Biratnagar Morang209Morang
15Janta Law Campus, Biratnagar210Morang
16Janta Campus, Rangeli216Morang
17Janat Adarsha Multiple Campus, Biratnagar350Morang
18Itahari Multiple Campus Itahari Morang1081Morang
19Himalayan Darshan College, Biratnagar Morang1073Morang
20Godawari College Itahari792Morang
21Edinburgh College, Biratnagar Morang835Morang
22Devkota memorial School of Management, Biratnagar337Morang
23Degree Campus, Biratnagar4Morang
24Chandra Surya Management Campus, Biratnagar Morang1210Morang
25Biratnagar Pvt (Center)953Morang
26Biratnagar Nursing Campus, Biratnagar5Morang
27Biratnagar City College, Biratnagra Morang563Morang
28Birat Multiple College Biratnagar Morang1171Morang
29Birat Model College, Biratnagar771Morang
30Birat Kshitiz College, Biratnagar Morang1074Morang
31Birat Campus, Jatuwa, Biratnagar 18212Morang
32Belbari Multiple Campus, Belbar Morang772Morang
33Alliance for Innovative Mgmt & Social Studies College (AIMS)463Morang
34Aadarsha Campus, Biratnagar211Morang

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