Student evaluation, examination operation (class 12)

Student evaluation, examination operation, management, archiving, and passing of secondary education passing examination (class 12) Certification Procedure, 2077

Student evaluation examination

Long-delayed due to the worldwide spread of coronavirus (Covid-19)
The decision of the Government of Nepal dated 2077-06-22 regarding the conduct of Secondary Education Passing Examination (Class 12),
Conducting Savik’s Class 12 specialization schedule and conducting student examination, evaluation, and certification
To do the decision of the National Curriculum Development and Evaluation Council dated 2077-06-25, various
Suggestions received from the interaction with the stakeholders and the date of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
From the letter dated 2077-06-26, “Regarding the operation and management of the secondary level class 12 examination of 2077 BS.
Procedures to be prepared and implemented ” Student assessment of class 12, the conduct of examinations as per instructions received,
The National Examination Board has formulated this procedure for management, archiving, and verification.

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