Shortcut Keys of Computer System

Important Shortcut Keys System.

CTRL+A—————————-Select All
CTRL+C—————————- Copy
CTRL+V—————————- Paste
CTRL+X—————————- Cut
CTRL+U—————————- Underline
CTRL+B—————————- Bold
CTRL+Z—————————- Undo
CTRL+I —————————- Italic
F1 ———————————– Help
F2 ———————————– Rename selected object
F3 ———————————– Find all files
F4 ———————————- Opens file list drop-down in dialogs
F5 ——————————— Refresh current window
F6 ——————————– Shifts focus in Windows Explorer
F10 ——————————- Activates menu bar options
ALT+TAB —————————- Cycles between open applications
ALT+F4 —————————- Quit program, close current window
ALT+F6 —————————- Switch between current program windows
ALT+SPACE—————————- System menu for the current window
ALT+ENTER—————————- Opens properties dialog
ALT+¢ —————————- opens drop-down lists in dialog boxes
BACKSPACE —————————- Switch to the parent folder
CTRL+ESC —————————- Opens the Start menu
CTRL+ALT+DEL —————————- Opens task manager, reboots the computer
CTRL+TAB —————————- Move through property tabs
CTRL+SHIFT+DRAG —————————- Create shortcut (also right-click, drag)
CTRL+DRAG—————————- Copy File
ESC —————————- Cancel the last function
SHIFT —————————- Press/hold SHIFT, insert CD-ROM to bypass auto-play
SHIFT+DRAG —————————- Move the file
SHIFT+F10—————————- Opens context menu (same as right-click)
SHIFT+DELETE —————————- Full wipe delete (bypasses Recycle Bin)
ALT+ underlined letter —————————- Opens the corresponding menu

PC Keyboard Shortcuts Document Cursor Controls:

HOME —————————- to the beginning of the line or far left of field or screen
END —————————- to end of the line, or far right of field or screen
CTRL+HOME —————————- to the top
CTRL+END —————————- to the bottom
PAGE UP —————————- moves document or dialog box up one page
PAGE DOWN —————————- moves document or dialog down one page
ARROW KEYS —————————- move focus in documents, dialogs, etc.
CTRL+ > —————————- next word
CTRL+SHIFT+ > —————————- selects word

Special Characters:

‘ Opening single quote —————————-alt 0145
’ Closing single quote —————————— alt 0146
“ Opening double quote ————————–alt 0147
“ Closing double quote—————————-alt 0148
– En dash———————————————–alt 0150
— Em dash ——————————————- alt 0151
… Ellipsis———————————————– alt 0133
• Bullet ————————————————-alt 0149
® Registration Mark——————————-alt 0174
© Copyright —————————————– alt 0169
™ Trademark ————————————— alt 0153
° Degree symbol———————————–alt 0176
¢ Cent sign —————————————– alt 0162
1⁄4 —————————————————– alt 0188
1⁄2—————————————————–alt 0189
3⁄4 —————————————————- alt 0190

Windows Explorer Tree Controls:

Numeric Keypad * ——————————Expand all under the current selection
Numeric Keypad +—————————— Expands the current selection
Numeric Keypad – —————————— Collapses current selection
¦ —————————————————— Expand current selection or go to the first child
‰ —————————————————–Collapse current selection or go to parent

PC Keyboard Shortcuts:

Creating unique images in a uniform world! Creating unique images in a uniform world!
é —————————— alt 0233
ñ —————————— alt 0241
É —————————— alt 0201
÷ —————————— alt 0247

File menu options in current program:

Alt + E ——————————Edit options in the current program
F1 ——————————Universal help (for all programs)
Ctrl + A ——————————Select all text
Ctrl + X ——————————Cut the selected item
Shift + Del ——————————Cut selected item
Ctrl + C ——————————Copy selected item
Ctrl + Ins ——————————Copy selected item
Ctrl + V ——————————Paste
Shift + Ins ——————————Paste

Home ————————–Go to beginning of current line

Ctrl + Home ——————-Go to the beginning of the document
End ——————-Go to the end of the current line
Ctrl + End ——————-Go to end of the document
Shift + Home ——————-Highlight from the current position to the beginning of a line
Shift + End ——————-Highlight from the current position to the end of line
Ctrl + f ——————-Move one word to the left at a time
Ctrl + g ——————-Move one word to the right at a time

Screen Create screenshot for the current program:

Ctrl + Alt + Del ——————-Reboot/Windows® task manager
Ctrl + Esc————————–Bring up the start menu
Alt + Esc ————————-Switch between applications on the taskbar
F2 ———————————Rename selected icon
F3 ——————————–Start to find from desktop
F4 ——————————-Open the drive selection when browsing
F5 ——————————-Refresh contents
Alt + F4 ———————–Close current open program
Ctrl + F4 ———————Close window in the program

Open the system properties window:

WINKEY + U ———————Open utility manager
WINKEY + L ——————— Lock the computer

Word Shortcut Keys :

Ctrl + A ———————Select all contents of the page
Ctrl + B——————— Bold highlighted selection
Ctrl + C ———————Copy selected text
Ctrl + X ———————Cut selected text
Ctrl + N ———————Open new/blank document
Ctrl + O ———————Open options
Ctrl + P ———————Open the print window
Ctrl + F ———————Open find box
Ctrl + K——————— Insert link
Ctrl + U——————— Underline highlighted selection
Ctrl + I ———————Italicize highlighted selection
Ctrl + V ———————Paste
Ctrl + Y——————— Redo the last action performed
Ctrl + Z——————— Undo the last action
Ctrl + H ———————Find and replace options
Ctrl + G ———————Find and replace options
Ctrl + J——————— Justify paragraph alignment
Ctrl + L ———————Align selected text or line to the left
Ctrl + Q ———————Align selected paragraph to the left
Ctrl + E ———————Align selected

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