Share Price Adjustment of 5 companies

Share Price Adjustment of 5 companies on the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) on Thursday. Share Price Adjustment companies are: Manjushree Finance, NRN Infrastructure and Development, Summit Microfinance, Infinity Microfinance and Chhilime Hydropower have been adjusted in NPESE.

On the same days, Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) adjusted 40% bonus share of Manjushree Finance, 27.70% of Infinity Microfinance, 5% of NRN Infrastructure and Development, 25.28% of Summit Microfinance and 7.50% of Chilime Hydropower.

After Share Price Adjustment, the share price of NRN at Rs. 511.43, Manjushree Finance Rs. 670.71, Summit Microfinance Rs. 1165.34, Chilime Hydropower Rs. 467.81 and Infinity Microfinance Rs. 1307.75

Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) has been adjusted the share price of these 5 companies based on the last price of previous trading days. On Wednesday last share price of Manjushree Finance Rs. 939 per share, NRN Infrastructure and Development Rs. 537 per share, Chilime Hydropower Rs. 502.90 per share, Infinity Microfinance Rs. 1670 per share and Summit Microfinance Rs. 1460 per share

Manjushree Finance had announced to distribute 40% bonus share and 6% cash dividend (including tax on bonus shares and cash dividends)

Manjushree Finance Limited

NRN Infrastructure and Development Company had announced to distribute 5% bonus share from last fiscal year’s profits and 0.26 cash dividend for TAX purposes

NRN Infrastructure and Development Company

Infinity Microfinance had announced a bonus share of 27.70 % of existing paid up capital and 1.46% cash dividend for TAX purpose.

Infinity Laghubitta Bittya Sanstha

Summit Microfinance had announced to distribute 25.28 % bonus shares of the existing paid up capital.

Summit Laghubitta Bittya sanstha Ltd

Chilime Hydropower Company Limited has announced 15 % dividend from last fiscal year’s profit with 7.5 % bonus share and 7.5 cash dividend for TAX purpose

hilime Hydropower Company Limited

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