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Hey, Everyone here Tech4Nep Blog presents Quick Access Toolbar in Microsoft Office 2013, Unit Four computer Science Grade 11 (XI).

Quick Access Toolbar:

Quick Access Toolbar is one of the first toolbars you will see in you word 2013 document. You can view commands in this version. Start off by using these commands. Right clicking a command will help you add it to you Microsoft Word 2013 software.

There are different way of customizing the Quick Access Toolbar in Microsoft Office 2013.

  1. File > Options> Quick Access Toolbar (MS Word 2013)
  2. File > Word Options > Customize (MS Word 2007)
Quick Access Toolbar in Microsoft Office 2013

When we did that, we go to the above screen capture. Now you are able to add and modify the default settings. The available commands are in the left pan, the ones on right pan are already selected.

Ribbon Tabs:

When you open a file in Microsoft Word 2013, you will see the Home tab. This Home Tab is a part of the Microsoft Office 2013 Ribbon which contains various other tabs such as Insert Tab, Page Layout Tab, Reference Tab, etc. Click on one of these tabs in MS Word 2013. You will see various commands and buttons for each tab. You can start off with your work accordingly.

Manage Your Files:

This is an easy process, To open, edit, save or print a file, simply click on “File” and you will see a list of options available in Word 2013. The File Menu is also known as Microsoft Office Backstage view. You can start a New Office Word Document, open or save an existing one. You can event print and export the Word 2013 file to another format.

Navigation Pane:

If you want to organize your documents in a proper way, the Navigation pane in of great help for you. Pressing CTRL + F you will lead you to the Navigation Pane. You can use this pane for reorganizing a document. Drag the headings of your document into this navigation pane and complete your task. Once you have opened the navigation pane, you will see a search box. Use it to find specific text quickly around longer documents. Furthermore, if you want to find a specific word form the entire document, press CTRL + H to use the Find and Replace Option directly from your Keyboard.

Switch Views:

At the bottom of the MS Word window, you will see small boxes from which you can switch views. Use them to switch your view to print, web view, or Read View.

Quick Access Toolbar in Microsoft Office 2013

Minimize The Ribbon:

The Ribbon can be minimized with a single click. Click on the up arrow on the ribbon bar to minimize the ribbon. Now, you will see its tab names only.

Zoom In or Out in Microsoft Office 2013:

You may want to zoom in or Zoom out for batter text readability. It is much easier with word 2013 just use your cursor to adjust the zoom level by moving the slider.

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