Old Questions of Business Law (BBS)

Here we have tried to collect all the old question papers of Business Law (BBS). These question papers are not collected for any commercial purpose but only for educational purposes. The one who needs the question paper can use all the old question papers from this website for free. If anybody has a question paper which is not included in this website, they can contact us. We will publish it on our website for free use.

Old Questions of Business Law

Course No. MGT 204
Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 35

Old Questions Paper from Introduction to Law and Business Law.

Descriptive Answer Questions.

1. Define business law. Explain its importance.”2068″

2. What is business law? Explain the major sources of business law. “2070”

Old Questions Paper from General Law and Contract.

Descriptive Answer Questions.

1. What are void contracts? Explain the contracts that are declared as expressly void. “2067”

2. Explain the rules regarding a valid offer. “2070”

3. Explain the rules related to a valid offer and acceptance under Nepal Contract Act. “2064”

4. What is revocation of offer? On what ground does on offer is revoked. “2058”

5. Define consideration. Explain the exceptions to the rule “No consideration no contract”. “2057”

6. What is consideration? Describe the rules regrading consideration. “2068”

7. Why is consideration considered as an important element of a valid contract? Also, explain the circumstances where a contract becomes valid without consideration. “2070”

8. Define contractual capacity. Explain the rules regrading minor’s agreement. “2062”

9. Who is a competent party to a contract? Describe the rules regarding an agreement made by a minor. “2067”

10. What is contractual? Describe the rules regarding minor’s agreement. “2069”

11. Can silence be fraudulent? What remedies are available to a party who has been induced to enter into an agreement by fraud? “2056”

12. Distinguish between coercion and undue influence. “2062”

13. What is fraud? Describe the effect of fraud on the validity of a contract. “2064”

14. What is free consent? Explain the importance of free consent in the formation of a valid contract. “2065”

Analytical Answer Questions.

1. A lawful contract has to comply with a number of elements. In the light of the given statement, discuss the essential elements of a contract. (20) “2059”.

2. Discuss the major provisions of Nepal Contract Act (20) “2065”.

3. Define Contract. Discuss the essentials of a valid contract. (5+15) “2066”.

4. Discuss the doctrine of consideration and its exceptions with suitable examples. (20) “2058”

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