Old Question of ICT in Science Education

Here we have tried to collect the old question of ICT in Science Education (Sc. Ed. 444) Compulsory. These question papers are not collected for any commercial purpose but only for educational purposes. The one who needs the question paper can use all the old question papers form this website for free. If anybody has a question paper which is not included in this website, they can contact us. We will publish it on our website for free use.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Group ‘B’ 4*7=28

  1. What is ICT Education? Discuss the present situation of practicing ICT education in science classroom.
  2. What is presentation application? Discuss the main features of presentation Software and suggest uses of presentation software in science education.
  3. Discuss the professional competency standards of science teachers in terms of ICT competences standard of Nepal (NCED).
    Describe the meaning of following terms and elaborate their uses in science teaching learning.
    a. Podcast
    b. Vodcast
    c. Cloud computing
    d. Blogging
  4. What is Learning Management System (LMS)? Why LMS is deemed necessary of science teaching learning in present context? Point out the disadvantages of LMS.
    Discuss the cyber security issues in Nepal. What ethical consideration need to follow while using ICT in science education?

Group ‘C’ 1*12=12

  1. Elaborate the philosophical ideas of constructivism in learning. Suggest the ways for integration of ICT and constructivism in science teaching learning.
    What is action research? Discuss the steps and uses of action research in science education.

Objective Question Group ‘A’ (10)

  1. Which of the theory is related to stimulus response?
    a. Behaviorism
    b. Cognitivism
    c. Constructivism
    d. Pragmatism
  2. Which one is more important aspect to integrate ICT in science teaching?
    a. To motivate the students in learning
    b. To attract the students and community to school
    c. To enhance the access and improve the quality of science education
    d. To make the teachers job easier and reliable
  3. Which one of the following is physics simulation software?
    a. PhET
    b. Google sky
    c. Khan academy
    d. ChemDoodle
  4. Which one of the following is related to the ICT related professional standards of science teachers according to UNESCO?
    a. Teacher must be knowledgeable and skillful to design website for teaching science
    b. Teacher must be knowledgeable and skillful in handling big data and analyzing them though sophisticated software.
    c. Teacher need to be more motivated towards using ICT is science classroom
    d. Teacher need to be equipped with technology knowledge and skills and can effectively use them in science teaching and learning process.
  5. What is full form of RAM
    a. Read Access Memory
    b. Random Access Memory
    c. Random Accurate Memory
    d. Random Available Memory
  6. Which Microsoft program is used to calculate different types of arithmetical and logical operations?
    a. Microsoft word
    b. Microsoft excel
    c. Microsoft power point
    d. Microsoft outlook
  7. What is the maximum word length of paper title as per APA rule?
    a. 10 words
    b. 12 words
    c. 14 words
    d. 15 words
  8. Which one of the following is related to the confidentiality in terms of information security?
    a. Making sure that unauthorized person cannot access the information
    b. Making sure that the information has not been changed from its original form
    c. Making sure that the information is available for the user when they need it
    d. Making sure that the information is free of computer viruses.
  9. String and accessing data and programs in outside instead of using personal computer hard disk is called.
    a. Blogging
    b. Browsing
    c. Cloud computing
    d. E-mailing
  10. Which one of the following is LMS tool that can be used for science teaching learning through internet?
    a. ChemDoodle
    b. Moodle
    c. PhET
    d. Physics simulation

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