Multiple Choice Question of Microsoft Excel

1. Which is default workbook Name?

a. Book1,2,3                                      

b. doc 1,2,3                

c. sheet 1,2,3                                      

d. work sheet 1,2,3.

Correct Answer is : a. Book1,2,3

2. The file extension of an excel Workbook is

a. .xls              

b. .xlw                        

c. .xlt                          

d. .xlsx

Correct Answer is : d. .xlsx

3. How many characters can be typed in a single cell in excel spread sheet?

a. 32,000                    

b. 64536                     

c. 255            

d. All

Correct Answer is : a. 32,000

4. A numeric value can be treated as label, if it precedes with ….

a. ” (double Quote)                            

b. Apostrophe (‘)

c. ( ) parenthesis                                 

d. None of the above

Correct Answer is : b. Apostrophe (‘)

5. Which is not spread Sheet Application?

a. Excel          

b. Lotus 1-2-3            

c. Foxpro                   

c.Visi Calc

Correct Answer is : c. Foxpro

6. The maximum of number of rows in a worksheet is …..

a. 16384                     

b. 65,536                    

c. 256             

d. None

Correct Answer is : b. 65,536

7. Which feature will change the layout of data of worksheet ?

a. Convert row                                   

b. Convert column

c. Transpose                                      

d. text to column

Correct Answer is : c. Transpose

8. Which formula capable to calculate result from different workbooks?

a. External Reference formula

b. 3D formula

c. Array Formula

d. Natural formula

Correct Answer is : a. External Reference formula

9. …… is collection of worksheets & Chart sheet.

a. Workspace                                      

b. Workbook

 c. cells                                               

d. Column

Correct Answer is : b. Workbook

10. A Relation operator is also called as……………

a. Comparison operator                  

b. Text operator

c. logical operator                               

d. all

Correct Answer is : a. Comparison operator

11. Which is the shortcut key to select row?

a. Shift + Spacebar                            b. Ctrl+Spacebar

c. Alt+Space bar                                 d. All of above

12. Which one is oldest spread sheet?

a. VisiCalc                  b. Excel                       c. Lotus                       d. All

13. Which is electronic spread sheet Application?

a. Word                       b. Excel                       c. Notepad                  d. None

14. The feature will copy format from one location then apply to another location is…………..

a. Copy & Paste                                  b. Currency format

c. Autoformat                                     d. Format painter.

15. How many Sheets are available in a Workbook?

a. 3                  b. 255              c. 1024            d. Unlimited or depends on memory

16. Excel is a ……………………..

a. Spread sheet application

b. word Processing

c. Statistical application

d. all

17. …… is collection of workbooks.

a. Workspace             b. Workbook              c. cells             d. Column

18. Gridlines is ………………

a. Horizontal and Vertical lines spread an entire sheet.

b. Horizontal series of cells

c. Intersection of Row and Column

d. Vertical series of cells

19. Which dialog box will provide header and footer in MS Excel?

a. Format cells                         b. Paragraph

c. Insert                                   d. Page setup

20. What is smallest unit of spreadsheet?

a. Column                    b. Row                        c. Cell                         d. range

21. Main Application of Excel is ………………

a. Accounting and auditing                          b. Education

c. Mathematics                                                d. all

22. When you cut the text what will happen in Excel?

a. Remove the text

b. Marquee appears on selected area

c. Does not do anything

d. Both (a) and (b)

23. What does by undo operation in excel?

a. Undoing editing                              b. Reveres last action

c. Ignoring changes                             d. all

24. The combination of worksheet, chart, Marco and dialog is called…

a. workbook                                       b. Workspace

c. Worksheet                                       d. template

25. To select an Entire column in MS Excel, you need to press…..

a. Ctrl+spacebar                                b. Shift+Spacebar                  

c. Shift+Spacebar                                d. None

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