Multiple Choice Question of Contemporary Education Issues

Here we are trying to collect multiple choice question of Contemporary Education Issues. These question are sample question if there is any error please comment on every single question, there are comment option in every question.

Welcome to your Contemporary Educational Issues Quiz

In how many parts TPD module has been divides
How many female teachers should be there is school in there are 7 teachers?
How many steps are there in school improement program (plan SIP)?
Which of the following has recommended (said) that "primary education should be free"?
In which Article of Interim constitution of Nepal, 2063 'right of education' has been provisioned?
which of the following said- "Education is the natural harmonious and progressive development of innate powers"?
What was the qnique contribution of NESP, 2028?
Which of the following is the main objective of teacher training?
What are the four major (things) themes emhasized strongly by "Right of children, 1989"?
What is multi-classroom teaching?
When wrold conference about special education was held in salamanca?
Why cal curricullum has been today's need?
When ocal curriculum Framework, 2071 was released?
What is inclusive education? or which one of the following focuses on inclusive education
Which one of the following is more effective in improving knowledge, skill and behaviour?
Which one of the following organization responsible for pre-service teacher training? in Nepal?
............ is used to evauate teacher's achievement in training?
Teacher training is compulsory, whereas teacher development is....
In which Artical f constitution of Nepal 2072, rights of children has been provisioned? or which of the following article includes the right of children in constitution of Nepal 2072?
When act of children right was released/ implemented in Nepal?
Which of the following is the major principle of 'inclusive Education'?
When inclusive education policy was approved in Nepal
How many parts and workdays has been designed in TPD programme?
Which economic year TPD program started from?
How many National education objective have been recommended by NCF 2063 (Revised 2071)?
Which of the following is equivalent to Evaluation?
Quantitative and Qualitative is the quality of
What type of enviroment should better in the classroom?
How many articles are there in Human Right declaration?
When 7th Education of Regulation was revised?
When 9th Education Act, 2028 was revised?

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