Multiple Choice Question of Contemporary Education Issues

Here we are trying to collect multiple choice question of Contemporary Education Issues. These question are sample question if there is any error please comment on every single question, there are comment option in every question.

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Language agency responsible for preparing textbook in mother tongue in primary level?
School can be tategorized in bilingual school if it has student of bilingual uptp
When did the provision made for primary education in mother tongue?
Which one is the dimension of equity/inclusion issues?
Which groups are mainly focused in inclusive education by NCF 2063?
Who is the chair of Secondary Education Exam Committee?
Which one of the following is the expected NEG in primary level of education for all program (2004-2009)?
Improvement in equity and access of secondary education is the aim of
what is the expected survival rate in class 5 of EFA in Nepal?
Nepal has committed to provide complete primary education in EFA upto
How many educational aim is determined by three year plan 2067/68-2069/70?
How many ECD was to be aimed to establish in tenth five year plan?
When didi inclusive education system introduced in Nepal?
Which one is the first district to conduct inclusive education in Nepal?
Which one isnot the principal of inclusive education?
Multi-lingual education is important for
The interim Constitution of Nepal 2063 has provisioned education in mother tongue upto
What is reverse discrimination?
What percent of total student enrolled in private school has to provide scholarship to poor and needy students?
What percent of quota reserved for female teacher provisioned by TSC?
What percent of quota reserved for indigenous group by TSC?
What percent of quota reserved for Dalit by TSC?
What percent of quota reserved for Muslim female by TSC?
Which is the form of affirmative section?
When did the term "Affirmative Action" used for the first time?
What is pedagogy?
The teaching method is more focused in school level is
The philosophy of traditional teaching and learning is
which punishmnent in school is provisioned?
The role of student in traditional teaching and learning strategy was
Which of the following is not appropriate in multigame teaching?
Homework is necessary for
Which of the following tools is not use is CAS?
What is the role of teacher to make teaching learning effective?
In how many district CAS was piloted at first?
For whom ecaluation result is important?
Which is the teacher student ratio for the continual student evaluation?
What is the main theme of student assessment?
Which agency is responsible for making policy and developing materials for CAS?
Which cuntry has developed systematic oral assessment system?
In which year nepal has conducted the 'internal and external' assessment system formally?
Who had made, the provision to certified the student who passed five core subject only.
What is the percentage of mark of internal evaluation system of primary level by NCF?
How many candidates can be provided to secondary level sutudents by SSRP

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