Microsoft Access MCQ

Hey readers here our teams are collect some Microsoft Access MCQ. For those who are preparing computer operator examination of Public Service Commission (PSC) and other organization computer operator examination or technical exam.

If we have make mistake please comment or contact us we correct them.

All the best for your Exam.

1. What is Full form of E-R?

A. Entry Relationship
B. Entity Redundant
C. Entity Relationship
D. Entering Relation

Answer: C

2.  Acronyms of DBA is……………….

A. Database Association 
B. Database Application
C. Database Access
D. Database Administrator 

Answer: D

3. A person who is responsible for overall control the database system is called….


Answer: A

4. Which of the following field uniquely identifies each record in a table?

A. Key Record
B. Primary Key
C. Unique Key
D. Field Name

Answer: B

Microsoft Access Multiple Choice Question Collection 

5.It is an association established between two tables  with common field is…

A. Primary Key
B. Line
C. Relationship
D. Records

Answer: C

6. Which of the following database object hold data in structural manner?

A. Tables
B. Forms
C. Reports
D. Queries

Answer: A

7. Which of the following is not a database object?

A. Tables
B. Relationships
C. Reports
D. Queries

Answer: B

8.  Which data types allows alphanumeric characters and other special symbols?

A. Text
B. Auto Number
C. Data/ Time

Answer: A

9. Data is collection of ………

A. Facts and Figure
B. Information
C. Facts
D. None

Answer: A

10. A collection of …. is called Table

A. Data Element
A. Fields
B. Name and Address
D. Records

Answer: D

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