IEMS Data Flash I and Flash II School Update Notice

School Level IEMIS of Electronic based under Flash I & II School Census
Requests for data updating and management.

All municipalities, village municipalities, education development and coordination units and schools of all types and levels.

In the present subject, from the year 2061 BS, with the implementation of the Education for All program, schools of all types and levels (community, institutional and religious nature) operating across the country have started each academic session on the basis of beginning (May 7) and end (April 7) respectively. Collecting, managing, analyzing, reporting, preparing and publishing all kinds of educational information related to school education through Flash I and Flash II School Census Forms. And all three levels of government are aware of the ongoing work of planning, implementation of the plan, development of effective support systems in school education, monitoring and evaluation. In this regard, due to the outbreak and risk of COVID19, as per the decision of the Government of Nepal dated 2076/12/06, all types of educational activities that are physically present will be closed until further notice and so far all educational institutions have been closed.

Despite the fact that no decision has been taken yet about the new academic session 2077, including the ward examinations of class 10, 11 and 12 of the last academic session 2076 and other administrative tasks, the school’s electronic “Integrated School Educational Information Management System (Excel based Electronic School level IEMIS)” It is very important to continue the management of. For this purpose, keeping in view the local level and safe condition of the school, physical distance as well as other safety measures are adopted and the following manpower is requested to be updated using the limited manpower of each school as per the decision of this center dated 2077/02/25. By doing this, 90% of the work will be completed and after the new admission of the current academic session 2077 is opened, only the details can be entered / added and it is requested to be uploaded on the web portal: immediately.

As the new enrollment of the current academic session 2077 has not started yet, all types of schools (community, institutional, religious and other nature schools) and levels (from pre-kindergarten to class 12) are operating at all localities.

IEMS Data Flash I and Flash II
IEMS Data Flash I and Flash II
IEMS Data Flash I and Flash II

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