ICT Training in Learning Facilitation on Gandaki Pradesh

Information regarding filling up the form for training.

Ministry of Social Development, Gandaki Pradesh. And. As per the approved annual program of 2077/078, the center is going to conduct online-based training on the use of information technology in learning facilitation. All the teachers who have received or not received TPD training who have not participated in any of the previous ICT and online-based training conducted by the Education Training Center can participate in the training.

Teachers who are interested in getting training at the basic and secondary level, working in permanent, temporary, relief and contract posts approved by the Government of Nepal, desktop or laptop computer and internet access, can do so till November 12, 2077 at the link on the center’s web site etc.gandaki.gov.np All concerned are informed to fill up the form by clicking and submitting the letter of recommendation of the school working with personal details.

Click here to fill up the form for training.

ICT training in learning

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