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Hey readers here we are collect some question for ICT in Education for B.Ed 4th years and BICT 3rd semester. ICT in Education question collection are chapter wise collection. Those questions are uploaded by tech4nep teams; to get more information, and old question, model question you can follow our website as well as Facebook page.

ICT in Education Question Collection:

Chapter One:

  1. Define ICT and ICT in Education
  2. Explain the ICT and ICT education in terms of aim, goals, and objectives.
  3. Sketch the historical development of ICT and ICT in Education.
  4. Explain the practices of ICT in Education in Nepal.
  5. Define ICT Education Master Plan vision, mission, goals and objectives.
  6. Compare and contrasts the use of ICT in different countries.
  7. What are the ICT and what types of ICTs are commonly used in education?
  8. How ICT can address the “Education for All”.
  9. How is ICT used in your educational context?
  10. Explain the role of ICT in open and distance learning with example.
  11. Explain the different concept of ICT in education.
  12. Critically examine the role of ICT in improving the quality of school education in Nepal.
  13. What do you mean by E-Learning, U-Learning, and M-Learning?
  14. Discuss the different types of E-learning?
  15. “Use of ICT in education is the demand of 21st century? Justify your answer.
  16. Define virtual education. List out the advantages and disadvantages of virtual schooling.
  17. Discuss the type of e-learning that should be used by a teacher in a rural school with only one computer having internet facility.
  18. Why we need ICT in education master plan explain the main component of ICT education master plan 2013-2017? Made by ministry of education
  19. “ICT provides any opportunities too students for self-learning” do you agree this statement? Justify it.
  20. What is the different between Education Technology and ICT in Education?

Chapter Two

ICT in Education Old Question Paper 2075 Click Here

  1. Define learning theory and explain the different types of learning theory
  2. Discuss the evidence technology is rooted in constructivist pedagogy.
  3. Discuss the difference between education 1.0 and education 2.0
  4. List out the advantages and disadvantages of in integration of ICT tools in Behaviorim learning theory.
  5. Explain with example how the theory of cognitivism can be applied to information and communication technology.
  6. “Is it possible to use theory of networking in class room teaching”, Justify your answer.
  7. List out the main objectives of different types of learning theory.
  8. How do you use ICT tools for actionable and interactive learning in class room? Explain.
  9. How do you integrate ICT tools for behaviorism, constructivism and connectivism educational pedagogy?
  10. What is learning theory and what types of learning theories are commonly used in ICT in education?
  11. Critically examine the implication of theory of networking in ICT education.
  12. Critically examine the implication of constructive learning theory in ICT education.
  13. Explain the integration of cognitive theory in ICT.

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Chapter Three

  1. Define meaning of curriculum
  2. Explain the 41 implementation approach with diagram
  3. Describe the ICT competency standards of NCED.
  4. What is a teacher competency standard? Why need ICT competency? Explain
  5. Do you think ICT based curriculum is necessary in Nepal? Justify your answer.
  6. What competencies should a teacher possess to teach Information and Communication Technology?
  7. What are the major challenges to integrate ICT in teaching?
  8. Explore how ICT teacher can utilize his/her skills and qualities to overcome these challenges and barriers of ICT integration in Nepalese education.
  9. What are the useful ICT tools in teaching and it use in learning?
  10. What kind of content should be included in a school course of ICT in Education, of an Educational Program?

CT in Education Old Question Paper 2074 Click Here

Chapter Four

  1. What do you mean by Operating System? List out the different function of operating system.
  2. Define computer and explain the characteristics of the computer
  3. List out the difference function of computer
  4. Explain what are the basic component of computer
  5. What is the difference between hardware and software?
  6. Explain the computer system with its block diagram
  7. What is computer software explain the different types of software?
  8. What is the difference between system and application software?
  9. What do you mean by computer memory? Define RAM and ROM
  10. Define input and output devices with example
  11. List out the difference types of input devices and explain any two of them
  12. List out the difference types of output devices and explain any two of them

Chapter Five

  1. What do you mean by digital literacy? Explain with example
  2. What is word processor explain the feature of word processor?
  3. Critically examine how you can use word processor in your teaching activities.
  4. What is PowerPoint explain the features of PowerPoint?
  5. Critically examine how you can use PowerPoint in your teaching activities.
  6. What is excel explain features of excel?
  7. Critically examine how you can excel in your teaching activities.

Chapter Six

  1. What do you mean by communication, explain the different types of communication tools that is used in your teaching activities?
  2. Define internet and email, list out the advantages of internet and email
  3. Explain the use of internet and email in teaching learning activities
  4. Define search engine. Explain the importance of search engine
  5. What do you mean by social media, list out the importance of social media in education?
  6. Define cloud computing. Explain the feature of cloud computing
  7. Define multimedia. Explain the elements of multimedia
  8. What do you mean by blog explain with example?
  9. Explain the terms video conference and webinar tools. List out the importance of video conference.
  10. Define Podcast and Vodcast. Explain the difference between Podcast and Vodcast
  11. What do you mean by Learning Management System (LMS)? Explain the importance of LMS in education

Chapter Seven

  1. Define computer security. Explain the cyber security laws and issues
  2. What do you mean by digital content? List out the ethical consideration of digital document.
  3. Define information security. What are the different areas of information security?
  4. Define computer virus. Explain how you can protect your computer.
  5. List out the importance of computer security
  6. What is cyber security and cyber-crime?
  7. List out the use and misuse of ICTs in education

Chapter Eight

  1. Critically examine use of ICT in different subject are3as with its importance.
  2. Explain the importance of science education apps and their advantages
  3. Define what are the different types of mathematics apps that are used in mathematics education
  4. How to use language apps in language teaching list out them.
  5. Define the importance as well as advantage to use different types of social studies apps
  6. List out and explain the different apps that are used in HPE education
  7. What technologies do teacher currently integrate in their different subject teaching?

Chapter Nine

  1. Define virtual education with its advantage and disadvantages
  2. Discuss different component of virtual classroom with diagram
  3. Discuss briefly importance of Google classroom
  4. List out the different feature of Google classroom
  5. Critical examine what type of work can we do in Google classroom
  6. How can ICT be used to improve teaching and learning?

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