ICT in Education Old Question Paper 2075-TU

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ICT in Education Old Question Paper 2075-TU:

Tribhuvan University
Faculty of Education

Level: Bachelor/ 3rd Semester

Course Code: ICT Ed. 431

Objective Question:

Tick the best answers (10*1=10)

1. Which organization has coordinated the OLPC project in Nepal with help of department of education?

  1. OLE Nepal
  2. NCED Nepal
  3. Tribhuvan University
  4. CTEVT

2. Which of the following tools is used in useful learning through network?

  1. Web based training
  2. Social media
  3. Learning management system
  4. Computer based training

3. What are the level of ICT competency according to UNESCO standards?

  1. Basic, proficient and distinguish
  2. Spice, medium and standards
  3. Literacy, Deeping and creation of knowledge
  4. Understand, analyze and creation

4. Which of the following is NOT operating system?

  1. Windows
  2. Ubuntu
  3. Android
  4. Open office

5. Which key should be pressed to start a new paragraph in MS-word?

  1. Down cursor key
  2. Shift+Enter
  3. Enter Key
  4. Ctrl+Enter

6. Which symbol is used to start any formula in Excel?

  1. <> 
  2. =
  3. +
  4. &

7. Which of the following shortcut key is used for current slide show in PowerPoint?

  1. Alt+F5
  2. Shift+F5
  3. Ctrl+F5
  4. F5

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8. Which of the following is micro blogging tool?

  1. Blogger
  2. Twitter
  3. Pininterest
  4. Google+

9. Which of the following tools is used for mathematics teaching learning

  1. Simulator
  2. Mathematica
  3. Sky Viewer
  4. Grammarly

10. What is plagiarism?

  1. A bibliography without order
  2. Using someone’s idea or writing them as your own
  3. Copy idea with permission
  4. Sharing information

Subjective Question (6*5=30)

1. Define ICT in Education. How do you integrate ICT tools for behaviorism, constructivism and connectivism educational pedagogy?

2. What is teacher competency standards? Why need ICT competency? Explain.

3. How do you use mobile devices in the classroom to the teaching learning process? Explain.

4. How can teachers use spreadsheet in the classroom teaching Explain?

5. How do you use online resources in the classroom to teaching and learning? Describe the subject specific tools math, language and science teacher.

6. Describe the cybercrime? How do you create online protected environment in the classroom?

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