How to online apply National ID Card


What is National ID card?

A National Identify (ID) card is a portable document, typically a plasticized card with digitally-embedded information.

National Identify (ID) card of Nepal is a federal level identify card with Unique Identify Number for each person that can be obtained by citizens of Nepal. All of the data which is collected for National ID card are managed by Department of National ID and Civil Registration office under Ministry of Home Affairs.

National ID card will feature:

  • In National ID card have include one unique number for this card number government can track you and who you are
  • National ID card include your photo, personal information.
  • National ID card include 10 fingerprints.
  • This ID card will be replace the current Napalese Citizenship and it will be used to National Identify.
  • Personal identify, as voter ID card and as a social security card through its unique number.
  • National ID card will not replace other documents such as passport, Driving License.

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What details are included in the National ID car?

  • Personal information such as: (Name, surname, DOB, gender, parents name, address, citizenship types, spouse’s name, grandfather name).
  • Photos
  • Nationality
  • Fingerprint (10 fingers)
  • Eyebrows
  • Signatures
  • chips

Advantages of National ID card for Nepali citizen

  • As a person’s national identity card
  • A voter ID card
  • Every person who have national id card can receiving all kinds of public services
  • Social security card

Why National ID card important?

It is the best way to collect all personal information in one placed. It have one unique number so that government, or body part of government such as (police) can easily track any person.

And also if we are going somewhere, we just keep this national ID card not all other document.

Who can be a National ID card user?

  • Nepalese citizens
  • Services provider bodies.
  • Security investigations and judicial bodies
  • Other persons and organizations as may be specified by law

How to Online Apply National ID card?

  1. Visit Department of National ID and Civil Registration Portal Click Here
  2. Scroll down and click on National Identity card online application Click Here
  3. Than you can see NID Pre-Enrollment System
    1. Login form Individuals
    2. Login for service provider
  4. Click on Login for Individuals Click Here, or if you are services provider click second option or Click Here.
  5. Than you need to enter you mobile number and process further.
  6. And click on New Enrollment.
  7. Than you can see this type of form fill up this form your personal information.
How to online apply National ID Card
How to online apply National ID Card

9. Fill up all details such as: Application Data, Contact Details, Family Details, Appointment than you reach Preview tab review all details carefully and submit form.

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