How To Apply Online Embossed Number Plate

Are your looking for Apply Online Embossed Number Plate? if your answer yes, then here we are instruct you How To Apply Online Embossed Number Plate.

Steps to follow Apply Online Embossed Number Plate in Nepal;

  1. First of all visit websites (
  2. Find the Embossed Number Plate System under the Important Links.
  3. Click on “Last One” Online Application Registration then,
  4. Click on Claim Your Account
  5. And you can see following screen
image 4

6. Fill up the form and click on ‘Continue’

7. Then Go to one step back and login your account

image 5

8. After Login fill up the form and submit your application.

After Submission application follow the following instruction:

  1. Pay your Fee for Embossed number on Yatayat Office.
  2. After Apply online application you need to carry following documents
  • Online form with Photo.
  • Voucher of Payed Fee.
  • Citizenship Copy (If vehicle register on person name)
  • Copy of Company Registration Certificate (If Vehicle register on company name)
  • If vehicle are buy through banking system carry the banking document.
  • Copy Blue Book
  • Document of Vehicle Renewal

3. For the Biometric Office notified through SMS System.

4. After Biometric you can get your Embossed number plate. (notified through SMS)

Emboss Number

For more tech info check here

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