Difference Between Micro Computer and Super Computer

Here we are trying to collect difference between micro computer and super computer as well as Digital and Analog computer. if you have more difference between micro computer and super computer and Digital and Analog computer plz comment our comment box or leave message on Facebook.

Difference between Micro Computer and Super computer:

Micro ComputerSuper Computer
It is a less powerful computerIt is a more powerful computer
It is a slower computer in terms of processingIt is a faster computer in terms of processing
It is a general purpose computerIt is a special purpose computer
It is the smallest computer on the basis of sizeIt is a larger in size
It can be portable as well as non-portableIt is non-portable computer
It can be handled by only one personIs requires numbers of experts or users to operate
It has less memory and storage capacityIt usually contains larger memory and storage capacity
It is the most popular computer among allIt is a rarely used for some specific tasks
It is used in office, homeIt is used in weather forecasting, scientific research
Example: Desktop PC, laptop, Tablet PCExample: CRAY X-MP/24, NEC-500, PRAM

Difference between Digital Computer and Analog computer:

Digital ComputerAnalog Computer
These computer works with digitsThese computers work with natural or physical values
It works upon discrete dataIt works upon continuous data
It operates by counting and adding, i.e. it calculatesIt operates by measuring and comparing
Its accuracy is highIts accuracy is low
Results are obtained after complete computationThe output is continuous
It is general purpose in natureIt is a special purpose computer
Larger storage capacity (memory)No or smaller storage capacity
Higher cost compared to analog computersLower cost compared to digital computer
It can be reprogrammedNormally, it cannot be reprogrammed
Desktop computer is an example of a digital computerPresley is an example of analog computer

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