Computer Science Old Question TSC 2079

Computer Science Old Question TSC 2079: Hey are you looking for computer science old question of TSC ‘Teaching Service Commission’ 2079?

Computer Science Old Question TSC 2079:

Level: माध्यमिक
Subject: Computer Science
Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 40
Time: 3 Hours

Group A

1. Draw a schematic block diagram of a computer and explain the functions of each component. How do you evaluate the students learning performance in this topic during the classroom? Explain. (6+4=10)

2. What is interactive multimedia? Explain different components of multimedia. How do you use multimedia tools for Computer Science teaching? Explain (2+3+5=10)

3. Briefly Explain about structured oriented programming and object oriented programming. Describe instructional materials for this topic while teaching. (6+4=10)

4. Explain instructional pedagogy to demonstrate the database connection with MYSQL and PHP. Write a process to connect database with web application. (5+5=10)

5. What is Communication Media? Describe your instructional plan to teach CAT-6 and optical fiber cable for higher cognitive level. (3-7=10)

Group B

6. What do you mean by data normalization? Explain 1NF, 2NF and 3NF with your own examples. (4+6=10)

7. a) What is open source operating system? Explain mobile operating system in detail. 5
b) What is Process Management? Explain Process Control Block in details. 5

8. What do you understand by ‘Software Re-engineering’? Briefly describe different phases of software project management. (5+5=10)

9. Write short notes on: (5+5=10)
a) Artificial Intelligence ‘AI’
b) Status of e-Governance in Nepal

10. a) Explain the Learning Management System with example. 5
b) Describe the Problem Based Learning “PBL” method. 5


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