Computer Operator Question Collection

प्रदेश लोक सेवा आयोग
बागमती प्रदेश

विविध सेवा, पाँचौ तह, कम्प्युटर अपरेटर पदको खुला प्रतियोगितात्मक लिखित परीक्षा –२०७७
परीक्षा मिति : २०११-११-१२

Computer operator question collection form pradesh lok sewa aayog, bagmati pradesh 2077-11-12

1. Which of the following is not associate with spelling dialog box in MS Excel?

A. Replace
B. Ignore once
C. Ignore All
D. Change

2. Which of the following is an absolute cell reference?

A. $A$1
B. #A$1
C. &A$1
D. #A1#

3. Which function is used to calculate the monthly mortgage payment?


4. Database is generally…..

A. System- centered
B. User-centered
C. Company-centered
D. Data-centered

5. Which of the following is not involved in DBMS?

A. End Users
B. Data
C. Application Request

6. Primary key field of a table included in another table is called….

A. Surrogate key
B. compound key
C. foreign key
D. composite key

7. COMMIT and ROLLBACK command are… Control commands.

A. Data access
B. Transaction
C. Table
D. File

8. In Relational Model, Attributes are called.

A. Rows
B. Columns
C. Table
D. Relation

9. The slide that is used to introduce a topic and set the tone for the presentation is called.

A. Title slide
B. Bullet slide
C. Table slide
D. Graph slide

10. The effect applied to display when slides change in slide show view is …

A. Custom animation
B. Slide transition
C. Slide animation
D. Slide movement

11. Animation can be applied on:

A. Slides
B. Objects
C. Views
D. Designs

12. Which program is used by web clients to view the web pages?

A. Web browser
B. Protocol
C. Web server
D. Search Engine

13. Relative URL are used to:

A. Link other page within the same site
B. Link the same page with other sites
C. Link other pages with other sites
D. Does not linked

14. Which of the following statement is false?

A. Develop a website without using PHP
B. Develop a website without using HTML
C. Develop a website without using CSS
D. Develop a website without using JavaScript

15. बागमती प्रदेशको पहिलो आवधिक योजना बमोजिम प्रदेश भित्र कतिवटा एफ.एम रहेका छन् ?

A. 110
B. 125
C. 163
D. 180

16. बागमती प्रदेशको पहिलो आवधिक योजना बमोजिम २०८०÷२०८१ सम्ममा ….. प्रतिशत जनसङ्ख्या इन्टरनेट प्रयोगकर्ता रहने लक्ष्य रहेको छ ।

A. 100
B. 90
C. 95
D. 85

17. Fill in the blank with correct option from the alternatives given below:
My grandfather walks very…… .

A. Quick
B. Fastly
C. Fast
D. Nice

18. Fill in the blank with correct option from the alternatives given below:
I ……. what was happening.

A. couldn’t understood
B. couldn’t understand
C. was not able to understand
D. was not able to understood

19. “आत्मवल वा आत्मविश्वासले सफलता प्रापत गर्न असम्भब हुँदैन ।” भन्ने वाक्यमा अशुद्ध लेखिएका शब्दहरु कतिवटा छन् ?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

20. “नविकरण, वातावरण, कागताहरु, अनीवार्य, निशेध” जस्ता सरकारी कामकाजमा प्रयोग हुन सक्ने शब्दहरुमध्ये पूरै शुद्ध लेखिएका शब्दहरु कुन हो ?

A. नविकरण, निशेध
B. वातावरण, कागजातहरु
C. वातावरण,अनीवार्य
D. वातावरण, निशेध

21. …… are used for solving complex application such as Global Weather Forecasting.

A. Super Computers
B. Public Computers
C. Mobile Computers
D. Hybrid Computers

22. Which is the following is the vision of IT Policy of Nepal, 2072?

A. To transform Nepal into a information and knowledge based society and economy.
B. To create condition for the intensified development and growth of ICT sector
C. To empower and facilitate Nepal’s participation in the Global Knowledge Society
D. All of the above.

23. Who is the credited with the idea of using punch cards to control patterns in a weaving machine?

A. Ada Lovelace
B. Hollerith
C. Charles Babbage
D. Jacquard

24. The speed of CPU is measured in:

A. Mbps
B. GHz
C. Microsecond
D. Mbytes

25. Where is Firmware stored?

B. Cache
D. Hard Disk

26. The human readable version of a program is called…….

A. instruction set
B. object code
C. source code
D. software

27. Which of the following is a low level programming language?

A. Natural language
C. Machine language

28. An …. is a set of processes and procedures that transform data into information and knowledge.

A. database system
B. knowledge system
C. information system
D. computer system

29. The binary equivalent of the decimal number 11 is …..

A. 0010
B. 10
C. 1011
D. 010

30. ….. is a topology for a Local Area Network in which all nodes are connected to a single backbone cable.

A. Star topology
B. Bus topology
C. Network topology
D. Mesh topology

31. Which program runs first after booting the computer and loading GUI?

A. Desktop manager
B. File manager
C. Windows Explorer
D. Authentication

32. Which command is used to copy the hidden system files of DOS to another disk?

A. Copy
B. Sys
C. Disk copy
D. Ren

33. If a process fails, most operating system writes the error information to a …?

A. Log file
B. another running process
C. New file
D. None

34. Which command is used to recreate the disk’s tracks and sectors?


35. The OS manages:

A. I/O devices
B. Memory
C. Processes
D. All of the above

36. Which is the shortcut key to split the table?

A. Ctrl+ Alt+ Enter
B. Ctrl+ Shift+ Enter
C. Alt+ Shift + Enter
D. Alt + Space + Enter

37. What is the function of Ctrl + E?

A. Exit Application
B. Align Center
C. Select All
D. Clear All

38. The feature of MS-Word that combines a set of database records with a main document is…

A. Thesaurus
B. Mail Merge
C. Auto correct
D. Word Wrap

39. Change the ….. to create a document in wide format.

A. page margin
B. page orientation
C. paper style
D. page layout

40. To monitor all document changes, we use…..

A. Edit
B. Monitor change
C. Track change
D. Navigator

41. What keystroke combination is used to run a spelling and grammar check?

A. Alt + F7
B. Ctrl + F2
C. Shift + F5
D. F7

42. Footnotes usually appear … in MS-Word.

A. At the top of the page
B. At the bottom of the page
At the end of the document
D. At the end of the section

43. Which keystroke combination is used to open an existing document?

A. Alt + C
B. Ctrl + N
C. Shift + W
D. Ctrl+ O

44. In which view Header and Footer are available?

A. Normal view
B. Page layout view
C. Print layout view
D. Draft view

45. Which feature is used to create newspaper like document?

A. Tap stops
B. Bullets and Numbering
C. Columns
D. Tables

46. The cell reference M$4 is a ….

A. Relative cell reference
B. Absolute cell reference
C. Mixed cell reference
D. None

47. Getting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called….

A. Accessing
B. Referencing
C. Updating
D. Functioning

48. When applying conditional formatting, we can check conditions against…….

A. Cell value
B. Formula
C. Formatting
D All

49. To create an interactive Pivot Table for the Web, we use a MS office web component known as:

A. Pivot Table List
B. Pivot Table Report
D. Pivot Table Field List

50. The function to convert Row data to Column and / or vice versa is …

A. Convert
B. Index
C. Data
D. Transpose

Answer लाई A,B,C and D मा Bold गरिएको छ ।

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