Computer Operator MCQ Tips (Part-2)

Hello every one here we are trying to collect some computer operator mcq tips for you, this is our second session of computer operator mcq tips.

1. NIC stands for Network Interface Card.

2. Network interface card is also called LAN CARD or LAN adapter.

3. Names of three network topologies are Star, Tree and BUS

4. In a mash topology, every device is connected directly to all other devices in network

5. In Simplex mode data can follow only in one direction.

6. In Half-duplex mode data can flow in both direction but not at the same time

7. In Full-duplex mode data can flow in both directions at the same time.

8. Modem is a device that converts digital signals into analog and analog signal into digital.

9. Modulation is the process of converting digital signal into analog signal.

10. Demodulation is the process converting analog signal into digital signal.

11. Data is the collection or raw facts and figures.

12. Processed data is called information.

13. GUI stand for Graphical User Interface.

14. Loading and executing multiple programs at the same time is called Multitasking.

15. Supporting the use of multiple processors is called Multiprocessing.

16. ARPANET stand for Advance Research Project Agency.

17. Protocol is the collection or rules or set of rules

18. DARPA stands for Defense Advance Research Project Agency.

19. DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line.

20. ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network.

21. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat.

22. IM stands for Instant Messaging

23. Domain name is the unique name given to a website.

24. If different parts of same image are linked with different web page, it is called image map.

25. A web server is a computer that is used to store information for users on the internet.

26. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.

27. Lady ADA is the mother of computer.

28. VINT CERF is the father of Internet.

29. Nibble consists of 4 bits.

30. Google and Yahoo are the two Search Engines.

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