Computer Operator MCQ Tips (Part-1)

Hello every one here we are trying to collect some computer operator MCQ tips, this is our part-1 of tips.

lets start computer operator mcq tips (part-1).

1. MCC stands for Multimedia Card.

2. SD stands for secure digital card.

3. System Bus is used to connect main components of a computer such as CPU and main memory.

4. A Port is an interface or a point of attachments.

5. POS stands for Point of Sale terminal.

6. ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine.

7. PIN stands for Personal Identification Number.

8. Kbps stands for kilobits per second

9. A port that transmits one bit at a time is called Serial Port.

10. Mbps stands for megabits per second

11. A type of port that transmits many bits at a time is called Parallel Port.

12. LPT stands for Line Printer.

13. Examples of system software are Operating System, Utility Programs and Device Drivers.

14. Example of operating system are DOS, Windows, Unix and Linux.

15. Example of Utility programs are File Manager, Image Viewer, Disk scanner and File Compressor.

16. Software used to detect and remove viruses is called Antivirus.

17. Examples of antivirus programs are Mcaffee, Avast, Norton, AVG and Avira antivirus.

18. Name of two free antivirus programs are Avast and Avira.

19. Assembly language is a low level language.

20. Names of high level language are C, C++, Java, BASIC and COBOL.

21. Instructions of machine language are written in binary form like (0, 1)

22. SQL stands for Structured Query Language.

23. A compiler translates the instruction high level language into machine language as a whole

24. A program written in high level language is called Source Code.

25. A program in machine language is called object program or object code.

26. Every computer that is a part of a network is called a terminal or node.

27. A server computer works as a central computer in a network.

28. The main types of computer network are: LAN, MAN, and WAN.

29. HUB is also called concentrator.

30. HUB is also called multi station access unit or MAU.

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