Computer Operator MCQ Set 2059

Hello every one here we are trying to collect computer operator mcq set form Computer operator post form loksewa aayog conduct exam on 2059.

Welcome to your Computer Operator MCQ quiz

1. 1 nibble contains ... bits
2. Which are the search engines?
3. Database utility exist in ...... menu
4. What is the shortcut key for row hide?
5. Which command is used to create a directory?
6. Which files is/are most essential in every computer
7. What should you used to create Newspaper Style?
8. What is the function of workspace?
9. What is the function of Radio buttons?
10. Synonym can be review with
11. Which command doesn't exist in DOS?
12. What will do by filter?
13. Which command is not an internal command?
14. How do you connect internet into your system.
15. Data store in....

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