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Hey every one here Tech4Nep Blogs are present Most mistaken old question from old question set, which questions are asked in previous examination.

Welcome to your Computer Operator Multiple Choice Question Old Mixed

1. ....... is the property of object of PowerPoint
2. What is the shortcut key for row hide?
3. Which object used table report....?
4. 10 seconds is equal to:
5. Page setup for slides is available on
6. Which is the least version of MS Word?
7. Charts holds all the information except
8. ....... error on disk
9. In Access to insert picture the data type in used
10. How many options are displays in power point starting?
11. Which is the function of workspace?
12. How do you dispaly current data and time in MS Excel?
13. By default, document in Ms word prints check in documents?
14. What do you mean by dialog box?
15. Restrict to data base file use to another user we protect form
16. Which will be the title in words to save summery (status)?
17. Checks that are added to databases to detect unsuitable data on input are called
18. The box which is appear right side of chart is called
19. Filter is available on.......
20. Which heading appears when exploring power poing slide into word?
21. Modem is used for
22. What is integer value of 3/2+5*0.5+A1 where A1=0.75
23. What is the correct syntax of TRUNC function?
24. What is placed to the left of horizontal scrool bar
25. Which port doesn't exist in computer?
26. XOR operation of the binary number A=111001 and B=100101 ....
27. Function of Macro..
28. Which is not Data Field Type?
29. A world wide web contains web pages:
30. Where does text box lies?
31. You can create only a horizontal page break by first selecting
32. Which of the following is a read only memory storage device
33. Which is odd?
34. To copy the hidden system files of DOS to another disk you can use the command.
35. Which object (component) interact users with application?
36. How do you create newspaper column?
37. The information of cell gives on
38. Font folder is located on........
39. Which is the latest web page desing technique?
40. Peer to peer network is
41. Which is not spreadsheet package?
42. Which menu is used to edit the Fotnotes?
43. The command to copy all files with txt extension to a directory called mars is
44. What is the output of teh text function= MID ("regression", 3,2)?
45. Attrib.......
46. Which fields appears when report is created with report wizard?
47. What would be content of A8 if A4 has count (A1:A7) and if A1=1, A2=2,A3=4,A11=12, A6=Blank, A7=text
48. in PowerPoint, this is a container for text or graphics

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