Computer Graphics and Animation old Question BCA 5th Semester

Computer Graphics and Animation old Question BCA 5th Semester:

Tribhuvan University
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
Office of The DEAN

Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA)

Course Title: Computer Graphics and Animation

Code No: CACS 305

Semester: V

Group B [6*5=30]
Attempt any SIX questions:

2. What do you mean by area filling? Explain boundary fill algorithm.

3. Define scaling transformation? Prove that two successive scaling are multiplicative.

4. What is symmetric property of circle? Digitize a circle whose center is at origin and radius is 9

5. Define window and view port, Explain 2D viewing transformation pipeline.

6. Reflect a prism A(0,0,0), B(1,1,0), C(1,2,2) and (0,2,0) about yz-plane which has been rotated previously with +90 degree about y-axis.

7. What do you mean by visible surface detection? Explain Z buffer algorithm for visible surface detection.

8. What is animation? Explain the steps to create animation sequence.

Group C [2*10=20]
Attempt any TWO question:

9. Define refresh rate and persistence of monitor. Explain architecture of random scan display system with block diagram.

10. How can you draw line using Bresenham’s line drawing algorithms? Trace it to rasterize the line with end points P(1,4) and Q(7, 8).

11. Explain Cohen Sutherland line clipping algorithm. Let ABCD be the rectangular window with A(20,20), B(90,20), C(90,70) and D(20,70). Use Cohen Sutherland algorithm to find the region codes and clip the lines with end point P(10, 30) and Q(80, 80)


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