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Hello everyone here Blog is present Computer Fundamental Multiple Choice Question for you, Now you can play your Quiz on Computer Fundamental. In every quiz, the section has 50 questions and every question carries 1 mark. Once you play the quiz and you want to play more quiz on computer fundamental for this you can just click the Retake Quiz Button which is given Result Page last. every question bank has more than 1200 questions.

Welcome to your Computer Fundamental Multiple Choice Question

1. Which of the following is not a valid capacity of a Floppy Disk?
2. MOD stands for
3. which is a semiconductor memory?
4. The BIOS is the abbreviation of..........
5. Tabulating machine was invented by .....
6. Which device is used to process data?
7. Memory unit is a part of ...
8. The Second Generation computers started with the advent of.......
9. HDD are considered ... storage.
10. Which is not essential to run a computer?
11. Programs stored in ROM are called........
12. The information stored in CD-ROM is in the form of....
13. RAM Stands for.........
14. Which of the following is not a valid storage medium?
15. Which was brought in Nepal ion 2018 BS
16. Database is belongs to ..........
17. Computer built before the first generation of computers were...........
18. Where are programs and data kept while the processor is using them?
19. Which is an auxiliary storage device?
20. Which of the following is the earliest calculating device?
21. How many write cycles are allowed to a RAM?
22. Time taken to move from one cylinder of a HDD to another is called
23. A normal CDROM usually can store up to ...... data?
24. Which storage device is mounted on 'reels'?
25. Which of the memories below is often used in a typical computer operation?
26. Which is the latest filing system of disk?
27. The Core-i3 processor was introduced in.........
28. Which one is the latest computer generation?
29. Which of the following component belongs to the second generation?
30. Which is not massive storage device?
31. Floppy Disk Drives were first introduced by, which of the following computer manufacturer:
32. Which was the first commercial computer of world?
33. Which is not sequential storage device?
34. There are basic types of computer
35. When was the transistor developed?
36. in 1947, the First Electronic Computer was designed by..........
37. Floppy Disk Drives ware originally designed by....
38. Size of the primary memory of a PC range between
39. Data is stored in computer as?
40. Which is a massive storage device?
41. Which is the smallest unit of hard disk that is used to store data?
42. Colossus computer was developed by .......
43. When was the integrated circuit invented?
44. The Analytical Engine was used ......... as a memory unit.
45. Which of the following RAM types have to be refreshed often in order to retain its contents?
46. The Vacuum Tube was invented ..........
47. SCSI is a term related with.........
48. ABC computer was built in....
49. Which is also known as fixed memory?
50. Compiler was developed by...........

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