Computer Fundamental Model Question BICT First Semester

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Computer Fundamental Model Question BICT First Semester Objective:

1)    Which one is an output device?

        a) Track ball          b) Joy stick           c) Touch pad                 d) Monitor

2)    1 Mega byte is equal to:

        a) 1024 bytes        b) 1024 Kb            c) 1000 GB                   d) 1020 MB

3)    CD-ROM stands for:

a) Common Disk Read Only Memory

b) Compact Data Read Only Memory

c) Compactable Disk Read Only Memory

d) Compact Disk Read Only Memory

4)   3rd Generation computers are based on:

        a) IC                       b) transistor           c) Microprocessor        d) Vacuum tube

5)    The brain of any computer system is:

        a) ALU                   b) Memory            c) CPU                           d) CU

6)    CISC stands for.

a) Complex instruction set computer

b) Class instruction set computer

c) Command instruction set computer

d) Close instruction set instruction set computer

7)    Which of the following is first generation of computer?

        a) EDSAC              b) IBM-700           c) Cry-1000                  d) ICL-2950

8)    MICR stands for:

        a) Magnetic ink character reader      b) Magnetic ink code reader

        c) Magnetic ink case reader               d) none

9)    Second generation of computers was developed during:

        a) 1949 to 1955   b) 1956 to 1965   c) 1965 to 1970           d) 1970 to 1990

10)  Which of the following is not included as component of CPU.

        a) Cache                b) Virtual               c) Register                     d) Non of them.

Computer Fundamental Model Question BICT First Semester Subjective: Part-I Click Here

1)    Define Computer System Architecture with suitable diagram.

2)    What is software? Differentiate between System Software and Application Software.


        What is an operating system? What are the functions of an OS?

3)    What is language processor? Describe Compiler, Assembler and Interpreter.

4)    What is network topology? What are its types? Explain with diagrams.        


        What is computer networking? Explain its type with appropriate diagram.

5)    What is Internet? Differentiate between Internet and Intranet.

6)    What is number system? Convert the following number base.

  1. 765 [Octal to Decimal].                      c) A0C [Hexa to Octal].
  2. 854 [Decimal to Octal].

Computer Fundamental Model Question BICT First Semester Part-I Click Here

BICT Notes Click Here

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