Computer Fundamental Model Question BICT First Semester

Hey everyone here tech4nep teams are trying to collect Bachelor In Information and Technology (BICT) Model Question For “Computer Fundamental Model Question BICT First Semester” also others subject and First Semester to Eight Semester Model Question and Board Examination questions. Click here to find more model question and class notes for First Semester.

Let’s start Computer Fundamental Model Question BICT First Semester Objective:

1. Which memory works faster comparatively?

      a) CD ROM          b) HDD              c) Cache             d) FDD

2. The pointing device(s) used in Laptop.

      a) Touch Pad;        b) Mouse            c) Joystick          d) All of them

3. Which one is an output device?

      a) Track ball          b) Joy stick         c) Touch pad      d) Monitor

4. If we have 4 Gb pen drive, that means …….bytes of data.

      a) 4x1024x1024x1024                     b) 4x2x1024x1024x1024

      c) 4x8x1000x1000x1000                 d) Unlimited data storage

5. DVD stands for:

      a) Daily Video Disk                         b) Digital Versatile Disk;

      c) DoNot Verify Disk                       d) Disk Verity Disk

6. Memory component used in 3rd Generation computers is;

      a) Microprocessor  b) Transistor       b) Vacuum Tube d) ICs

7. Which of the following is a scripting language;

      a) Visual Basic      b) HTTP             c) HTML            d) C;

8. Which of the following is a system software used in mobile?

      a) Windows XP     b) IOS                c) Linux              d) BIOS

9. BIOS stands for;

      a) Beginners Info Oriented System  b) Basic Input Output System

      c) Basic Information On System      d) Bring Info On System

10. Which of the following is not a types of programming language?

      a) Low Level         b) High Level     c) Your Level      d) Assembly

Computer Fundamental Model Question BICT First Semester Subjective:

1)   What is computer? Define Computer System Architecture with suitable diagram.


      What are the capabilities of computer? Briefly explain them.

2)   Classify the software and briefly explain any one of them with suitable examples.


      What are the levels of computer language? Briefly explain them with their properties.

3)   Why an Operating System is necessary in a computer? Explain the functions of Operating system?


      What is application software? Differentiate between Package Software and Tailored Software.

4)   What are the classifications of network? Briefly explain them with suitable figure.


      What is network topology? What are its types? Explain with diagrams.

6)   Convert the following number base.

      a) 567 [Octal to Decimal]              b) BAD [Hexa to Octal]


      Write short notes on; (Any Two)

      a) Word Processor                         b) Web Browser

      c) Virus and Anti Virus

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