Class 11 should be taught according to the new syllabus.

According to the National Curriculum Draft of School Education, 2076, the new curriculum has been implemented in class 11 in all schools of Nepal from the academic year 2077. It is learned that information in this regard has been issued by the Curriculum Development Center on this occasion.

However, as there are complaints that some schools are enrolling students according to the old syllabus, all the schools operating in class 11 are informed to teach only according to the approved new syllabus of class 11 and to evaluate the students accordingly.

Also, from the next academic year, all the students and parents are advised to enroll in the school only after ascertaining whether the new syllabus has been read or not as the new curriculum will be conducted according to the new curriculum.

As per the decision, all the local levels are also requested to monitor and give necessary instructions on the non-implementation of the approved new curriculum of class 11 by the school.

Class 11 should be taught according to the new syllabus.

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