Capabilities, Limitations, Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer

Capabilities of Computer

1. PC can carry out the responsibility over and over without any mistake.
2. Computer provides new time dimension.
3.Computer can process data faster than other machine to perform a same task.
4. PC is fit for giving data which can be utilized in dynamic
5. Computer has capability of making more than one media (like: audio, image, text, video etc) work together as multimedia. 

Limitations of Computer

1. Computer can not think, it does not have it's own brain.
2. Computer can not show the difference between good and bad input,output,data and instruction.
3. Can not take its own decisions.
4. Computer depends upon hardware and software.
5. Human dependent, No learning capacity, No feelings.
6. Computer can not change steps it self while performing jobs.

Advantages of Computer

1. Computer is versatile machine and it can do huge number of different task at a same time.
2. Very effective to use computer for doing same tasks.
3. Computer are more precise and much solid than the some other gadgets and people.
4. Computer can store huge amounts of data. 
5. Computer can increase our productivity.
6. Vary fast communication between student, teachers and parents.

Disadvantages of Computer

1. Using computer can make genuinely frail and sluggish.
2. By utilizing computer for quite a while, your blood course can get poor because of less physical exercises.
3. Using computer for long time cause disturbance in your eyes and neck. 
4. On the off chance that a few segment or device or programs of computer fizzle, at that point the computer will deliver unreliable data.
5. Working with computer require lots of time sitting with computer which may be create health issues.

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