BCA Entrance Model Question Set-1


Hey Readers here we are collect some Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) Entrance Model question for those who are preparing Entrance examination of BCA.

BCA Entrance Model Question Group A [English]

Circle the correct answer from among the given options (Multiple Choice Questions)

1. The danger of volcanoes ………….. not to be taken lightly.

a) must                        b) might                       c) has                           d) have

2. Ramesh ……………. here for the last seven years.

a) worked                    b) is working               c) has worked              d) works

3. Supply the correct tag for the following statement.

Let us go, …………..

a) shall we?                 b) will we?                  c) do we?                    d) don’t we?

4. Two ladies had …………. hand bags stolen at the Kathmandu Mall.

a) its                            b) her                           c) their                         d) they

5. They are as lucky as ………….

a) we                           b) our                           c) ourselves                 d) us

6. Sincere people abide …………. their promise.

a) by                            b) of                            c) at                             d) on

7. The new manager will ………… his position on August 30.

a) take off                   b) take out                   c) take over                 d) take after

8. Choose the correct alternative for underlined phrase in the given sentence.

He got a Lion’s share of the profits.

a) no share at all                                  b) greater share of a things

c) very small part                                 d) little profit

9. There is someone in the room ………….. I certainly heard a great noise.

a) and                          b) but                           c) for                           d) so

10. Neither of them ………… a problem.

a) Anticipate                                                   b) anticipates              

c) Have anticipated                                         d) are anticipating

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11. Choose the correct passive voice for the following sentence.

We celebrate Democracy Day on Falgun seven.

a) Democracy Day is celebrated on Falgun seven by us.

b) Democracy Day was celebrated on Falgun seven by us.

c) Democracy Day has been celebrated on Falgun seven by us.

d) Democracy Day had been celebrated on Falgun seven by us.

12. She is ………….. obedient student.

a) an                            b) a                             c) the                           d) none of the above.

13. Choose the correct answer from among the given options.

I don’t think I …………. be able to go.

a) will                          b) should                     c) can                           d) could

14. Choose the correct single word for the group of words given below.

That which cannot be divided.

a) indelible                  b) indivisible               c) insoluble                  d) indefensible

15. Which of the following words is an abstract noun?

a) desk                         b) fear                          c) class                         d) needle

16. Which of the following words does not have a suffix?

a) helpless                    b) goodness                 c) fearless                    d) courage

17. The opposite meaning of ‘accepted’ is,

a) liked                        b) noted                       c) provided                  d) rejected

18. Choose the word nearest in meaning to ’emulate’.

a) Imitate                     b) Deny                       c) Discuss                    d) Reject

19. Choose the correct synonym for the underlined word in the following sentence.

Raman is a versatile boy.

a) bad                          b) clumsy                     c) gifted                      d) lazy

20. Select the correct antonym for ‘segregation’.

a) appreciation                         b) integration  

c) cohesion                              d) co-ordination

21. Fill in the gap with the correct word from among the given options.

The price of consumer goods ………. increasing.

a) are                           b) is                             c) were                        d) has been

22. Which of the following sentences is incorrect in terms of subject verb agreement?

a) Each of the women owns her home.

b) All of the women own their own homes.

c) Here are two wrenches and a hammer.

d) Here is a hammer and two wrenches.

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23. Which of the following sentences has the correct use of comma (,)?

a) June 27, 2018, is a day I will never forget.

b) Some people who go to school, enjoy the social life.

c) He was late for dinner, we decided to eat without him.

d) We were glad to see him, because he had brought gifts.

24. Choose the part participate of the verb quit.

a) quited                      b) quit                          c) quitting                    d) has quit

25. Choose the correct alternative from among the given options.

We spent a ………… evening together.

a) quite                        b) quit                          c) quiet                        d) quitter

26. Which of the following words needs capitalization?

a) winter                      b) ocean                       c) jewish                      d) university

27. Choose the correct preposition from among the given options.

He is occurred ……………. cheating.

a) for                           b) of                            c) on                            d) in

28. Select the correct alternative to fill in the gap in the following sentence.

He is coming here ………….. six o’clock.

a) upon                        b) on                            c) at                             d) to

29. Select the correct meaning of the idiom in,

In the good book of

a) enjoying a pleasant moment.

b) enjoying a favors of someone.

c) possessing a good book for reading.

d) purchasing a good book.

30. Fill in the gap in the following sentence from among the given options.

I am ………… tired to go any further.

a) to                             b) too                           c) so                             d) not

31. Which is the correct indirect speech for the direct speech given below?

Hari says, “I am very happy”.

a) Hari says he is very happy.

b) Hari says he was very happy.

c) Hari said he is very happy.

d) Hari said he was very happy.

32. Select the interrogative sentence from the given options below.

a) Shall I see you tomorrow?

b) He has studied English for a long time.

c) They won’t believe you.

d) It will be dark soon.

33. Put the correct verb form in the gap below.

I ………….. told you earlier if I had known.

a) would                                  b) would have

c) had                                      d) should

34. Choose the right pronoun from the given alternatives in the following sentence.

If everybody does ………….. part, the game should go smoothly.

a) his                            b) her                           c) his or her                             d) their

35. Which of the following word is an adverb?

a) good                        b) bad                          c) well                                     d) melt

Read the given passage and then choose the best answer to each question that follows.

Recent advances in science and technology have made it possible for geneticists to find out abnormalities in the unborn foetus and take remedial action to rectify some defects which would otherwise prove to be fatal to the child. Though genetic engineering in still at its infancy, scientists can now predict with greater accuracy a genetic disorder. It is not yet an exact science. Since they are not in a position to predict when to change the genetic order of the gene in germs, they are optimistic and are holding out that in the near future they might be successful in achieving this feat. They have however, acquired the ability in manipulating tissue cells. Still, genetic misinformation can sometimes be damaging for it may adversely affect people psychologically. Genetic information may lead to a tendency to brand some people as inferiors. Genetic information can therefore be abused and its application in deciding the sex of the foetus and its subsequent abortion is now hotly debated on ethical lines. But on this issue, geneticists cannot be squarely blamed, through this charge has often been leveled at them. It is mainly detecting disorders, but scientists hope to reduce the costs when technology becomes more advanced in rich countries take the USA, UK and Japan. It remains to be seen if in the future this science will lead to the development of a race of supermen who will be able to obliterate disease from the world.

36. Which of the following is the same in meaning as in the word ‘obliterate’ used in the passage?

a) Wipe out                                         b) Wipe off                

c) Very Literate                                   d) Remove

37. Which of the following is term regarding the reasons for progress in genetic engineering?

a) Poor countries need genetic information.

b) It has become popular subject.

c) Economically and scientifically advanced countries can provide infrastructure for such research.

d) Human beings are interrelated in hereditary.

38. According to the passage the question of abortion is,

a) hotly debated                                  b) ignored

c) unanswered                                     d) undecided

39. Which of the following is not true about the genetic engineering?

a) Acquired ability to detect disorder in unborn babies.

b) Possibility of abuse.

c) Increased tendency to manipulate gene cells.

d) Acquired ability to manipulate tissue cells.

40. According to the author of the passage, the present state of knowledge about heredity has made geneticists.

a) reckless                                            b) optimistic

c) introspective                                    d) arrogant

BCA Entrance Model Question Group B [Mathematics]

BCA Entrance Model Question
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BCA Entrance Model Question Group C [General Knowledge]

91. When did the new constitute of Nepal “Nepal Ko Sambidhan” was released?

a) 2072 Ashoj 4                                   b) 2072 Ashoj 3

c) 2072 Ashoj 2                                   d) 2072 Ashoj 1

92. Who is known as “Father of Computer”?

a) Charles Babbage                             b) Bill Gates

c) Mark Zuckerberg                            d) John V Neumann

93. Which one of the following discipline is not awarded by noble prize?

a) Literature                                        b) Economics             

c) Physics                                            d) Computer Science

94. Which one of the following belongs to SSD?

a) RAM                                               b) ROM                      

c) Cache Memory                                d) Mass Storage

95. Who won the FIFA World Cup 2018 held in Russia?

a) England                                           b) Croatia

c) France                                             d) Germany

96. Which one of the following is not an output device?

a) OCR                        b) Plotter                     c) Monitor                   d) Printer

97. What is the scientific name of human?

a) Rana Tigrina                                    b) Homosepian

c) Felis Catus                                      d) Rattus

98. Which one of the following is the deepest river of the Nepal?

a) Karnali                    b) Koshi                      c) Mahakali                 d) Gandaki

99. Who was the first prime minister of Nepal?

a) Janga Bahadur Rana                                   b) Matrika Prasad Koirala

c) Bhimsen Thapa                                           d) Mathabar Sing Thapa

100. Who is the writer of the Nepal novel “Basain”?

a) Lil Bahadur Kshetri                                    b) Ramlal Joshi

c) Gopal Prasad Rimal                                   d) Lokendra Bahadur Chand

Best of Luck……..

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