BCA 5th Semester MIS and E-Business Old Question Paper

BCA 5th Semester MIS and E-Business Old Question Paper:

Tribhuvan University
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA)
Course Title: MIS and E-Business
Code No: CACS 301
Semester: V

Group B
Attempt any SIX questions:

2. Explain C2C and B2B e-commerce models with example

3. What is M-Commerce? Explain its benefits for organization, individual and society.

4. Define wireless communication. Differentiate between UMTS and LTE wireless data communication technologies.

5. Discuss how do enterprise application are used in organization.

6. What is digital signature? Explain the requirements of digital signature in secure transaction. How does digital signature work?

7. Explain cryptocurrency with its legal provision in Nepal. How is it different from virtual currency?

8. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Explain the importance of SEO for the growth of a website.

Group C (2*10=20)
Attempt any TWO questions:

9. Discuss the security requirements of Internet and E-commerce application and how these requirements are fulfilled by various hardware and software system? Explain in details with example.

10. “The use of electronic payment system has significantly increase in Nepal in recent years”. In this context, explain the trend of cashless transaction in Nepal along with the benefits and downsides of digital payment systems and cashless economy.

11. How can you evaluate whether the proposed e-commerce project is feasible or not. What can be the different funding techniques for a fresh graduate to setup a new online business? Explain.


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