BCA 5th Semester DotNet Technology Old Question Paper

BCA 5th Semester DotNet Technology Old Question Paper:

Tribhuvan University
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
Office of The DEAN

Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA)
Course Title: DotNet Technology
Code No: CACS 302
Semester: V

Group B [5*6=30]
Attempt any Six question:

2. What is CLR? List and explain the feature of CLR.

3. What do you mean by value type and reference type? Give an example for each.

4. What is an interface? How interface is used in multiple inheritance? Explain with example.

5. Why namespace is used in C#? How to create and use the namespace in C#? Explain with example.

6. What is an Exception? Write a program to generate divide by zero exception and index out of Range exception and also handle these exceptions.

7. What is a Query expression? Write a C# program to select Students who are lived in Kirtipur and studies in Patan Multiple Campus using LINQ

8. What do you mean by static class and construction? Explain with suitable example.

Group C [10*2=20]

Attempt any Two questions:

9. What do you mean by operator overloading? Write a C# program to demonstrate binary and relational operator overloading.

10. Explain different between ExecuteReader and ExecuteNonQuery. Provided that a mysql database named “Company” with table named “Product” with following columns (ProductId as  int, ProductName as varchar(20), and UnitPrice as float). Write a C# program to connect to the database and display product records that have UnitPrice is greater than Rs. 1000 and updata the product record (such as UnitPrice=4500) form product database whose productId=50.

11. What is web server control in ASP.NET? List five web server control used in ASP.NET. Write a program to create student registration form in one ASP.NET page and display the filled data with another page.


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