Bachelor in Business Administration- BBA Syllabus Eight Semester

In Bachelor in Business Administration- BBA Syllabus. There are total four courses and student can choose any three courses of them.

8th Semester (Any Three Courses)
Banking and Finance
BNK 202: Financial Derivatives
BNK 205: Banking Law and Regulations
BNK 207: Treasury Management

Industry and Services Management
ISM 201: Quality Management
ISM 203: Creativity and Innovation
ISM 204: Project Management
ISM 208: Industrial Relations

Micro Enterprise Management
MEM 202: Business Plan for Micro Enterprise
MEM 205: Social Entrepreneurship
MEM 206: Entrepreneurial Marketing

Sales and Marketing Management
MKM 205: Retail Management
MKM 206: Distribution Management
MKM 207: Market Research
MKM 208: Public Relations and Media Management

Bachelor in Business Administration- BBA Syllabus

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