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Introduction of Office Package:

Office package is an application suite that includes different applications s/w used for the day-to-day operation of an organization. Some common applications included in the office package are word Processor, Spreadsheet package, Presentation tool, and Database Management System.
For Example, MS office package includes MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, Outlook, and others. It is the product of Microsoft Inc.

Concept of Microsoft Word Processor:

Word processor is an application software that helps in the creation of a document. It facilitates the creation of document through computerized text editing, formatting, storing and printing. It allows the user to type text, make corrections without retyping the entire matter, and has the feature to make the text look attractive. It can enhance documents in many ways such as user can add image and animation, link different documents together, use of speller and thesaurus.

Features of Microsoft Word Processor:

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Fast operation: Typing text in a word processor becomes very fast as there is no mechanical carriage movement associated.

Editing text features: Any type of operations likewise insert, delete, modify the documents, and undo/redo, find/ replace can be performed very easily. These insertions, deletion or correction can be performed at any time in place of the text. These alterations can be made before and after typing the entire document. Similarly, move or copy a section or block of text or object form any location of the same document or another document to another location in the material of the document too.

Formatting features: the electronic typed text can appear or insert in any form or style like bold, italic, underline, different fonts, font size, color and paragraph formatting can be made.

Permanent storage: with the help of word processor, file and document can be save as long as preferred and saved file and documents can be retrieved whenever desired.

Graphic: it provides facilities to insert text, objects (picture, graph) anywhere in the document whenever necessary.

Searching: it facilities to search for any word or text and replace or delete with other necessary ones in the entire material of the document very easily.

Print design: it provides a print preview, printing area (four sides), no of copies, paper size before print to view the document exactly as per the convenience or not.

Mail merge: it is an option used to merge a list of information such as names, addresses, e-mail, phone numbers (data source) with the main document. The main document contains original text (merge fields) with data area at appropriate places to produce a number of copies of the merged document while defined the merging task. The main document is created using the mail merge helper dialogue box.

Some Popular Word Processing Packages:

  1. Microsoft word
  2. Microsoft Writer
  3. Word Star
  4. Kingsoft Writer
  5. Lotus Word Pro
  6. Word Perfect
  7. Professional Writer
  8. Apache Open Office Writer
  9. Lotus Notes

Uses of the Word Processor:

A word Processor can used the following task:

  1. To create resumes/ bio-data
  2. To create a letters
  3. making cover letters
  4. Reports writings.
  5. Update a blogs
  6. Wring Articles
  7. Making Brochures.
  8. making Annual Reports
    and many more…..

Microsoft Word:

Microsoft word is a very powerful, advance, and useful word-processing software developed by Microsoft Corporation, USA. It has all kind of word processing facilities like to create, edit, format, save and print a document, checking spellings and grammatical errors, searching for synonyms and antonyms (thesaurus), working with newspaper columns, tables to add footnotes and endnotes, page number, special symbols, bookmarks, comments, to insert the picture, objects (e.g. video, clips, audio chips PowerPoint presentations, equations, auto CAD drownings). table of content and index etc.

How to Open Microsoft Word 2013?

  1. Click on Start Button (view as Window’s Icon) on the left-down Conner of the screen or Start Button.
  2. Choose Microsoft Word 2013
  3. Choose All Programs
  4. Choose Microsoft Office folder
  5. Select Microsoft Office- Word 2013
  6. Press Window’s Icon + R on the keyboard
  7. Then a Run dialogue box will display
  8. Type the next WinWord into the Run box
  9. Click on OK
  10. Then your required program document Microsoft Word will open.
Application Package Grade 11 (XI)
Application Package Grade 11 (XI)

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